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Celebrating World Malaria Day (at Eijkman Institute, Jakarta)


The World Health Organization (WHO) has set 25 April as the World Malaria Day. Celebrating this annual event this year, the Malaria Pathogenesis Unit of Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology (EIMB) held a mini seminar at Sitoplasma Auditorium. The talk was presented by Ms. Vera Unwin, a PhD student from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). The title of the talk was “Diagnostics in Malaria Elimination Settings”. Vera presented her recent work as part of a small project with Papuan Health and Community Development Foundation (YPKMP), EIMB, and LSTM. (courtesy of Eijkman Institute:


see more for Vera Unwin’s research brief: 

1st Remote Monitoring Meeting for First Trimester DHP Study (at Prodia CRO, Jakarta)

Working on our First Trimester DHP Study, the time has came for scheduled monitoring and this time it was done remotely, hence known as “Remote Monitoring”. Using recently launched system for remote monitoring, powered by Clinesia, demo version was demonstrated during this meeting and scored positive feedback from users. The system is up and running from this time on, providing reliable online storage and back-up at the same time for all essential study files and data.

FT DHP Project, Field Visit (Timika)

ASTMH 2018 67th Annual Meeting Sheraton New Orleans Marriott (USA)


Dr Rukhsana Ahmed was attending ASTMH meeting in the USA. Clinesia takes part in retrospective record linkage and data management for FTDHP Project. 


Dr Rukhsana Ahmed Got an Interview from MMV for Malaria-related Research in Indonesia


Roll Back Malaria – Malaria in Pregnancy Working Group 20th Annual Meeting Maputo, Mozambique February 12-14, 2019

Dr Rukhsana Ahmed was attending Roll Back Malaria (RBM) meeting in Mozambique. She gave presentation with title: “Safety of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine (DP) for the treatment of malaria during first trimester of pregnancy, Indonesian experience”

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Clinesia Visiting Puskesmas (District Health Center) Bhintuka in Timika Papua – June 2019


Theda (our CEO) was visiting Puskesmas Bhintuka in Timika to discuss about electronic system development for malaria register i n there.The discussion was about the presentation of current system situation, and continued to strategy proposal for electronic system implementation.


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